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August 08, 2011


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not fake

That's the kind of image that i really thing is super image like. If more images very real like this were out there we'd be super full of graet images in the world.


Hi Sharon,

Did you find more information on the Monahan's now? It is well past the court ordered deadline to return the child and what have the Monahan's done either than ignore the child's family, get their lobby & media spin company to give them a place on CBS to twist the truth, yet again.

Your vacation felt sympathy for these child traffickers and supporters of kidnapping for adoption is just flat out wrong.

Guatemala has recently handed down 20+ year sentences to lawyers involved in selling this child to the Monahans.

And this child is still being held by greed and selfishness. The child suffers. The child's family suffers.

Show me some basis for your sympathy for these criminals.


Hi again LauraLyn,

I used the word "biological" only for clarity's sake, since I was discussing two families in the same post. It was not a slur, just a statement of fact.

I agree with you fully that the Morales' are heroes. I saw a quote from Mrs. Morales in which she expressed no bitterness toward the adoptive family, only the wish to see her daughter again. I want her nightmare to end. She and her family have been through hell.

I personally don't have enough information about the Monahans' at this stage to judge them as craven and cruel. I agree that hiring a PR firm seems odd. I hope everyone involved will do the right thing, and quickly.



Your generosity is noted and appreciated. Thank you for allowing these direct and less than friendly comments. As you know, it is the life of a child that is at stake here. And not only this child. Children in the past that have been stolen for adoptions and potentially - if nothing is done - children in the future. We have a responsibility.

With all due respect, no one ever knows all the facts or all the nuances of a situation. The Monahans are welcome to come out of hiding behind their cardboard signs, their lawyers (the ones still not in prison charged with child trafficking), and their paid DC lobbyist and PR man to tell us the facts as they have them.

Many would be very happy to see the careful notes Jennifer Monahan took throughout their process of 'adoption'. This Liberty couple deserves their day in court to tell the world how they really got this child into their house.

But we do know that there is a match on the DNA and we do know that for more than two years one set of adults has refused to sit down and talk.

One could have sympathy for the Monahans: a very wealthy couple that may have had trouble to have children of their own and so badly wanted children. Perhaps they even entered the adoption world with good intentions (we do not know and we have not seen any signs of good intentions on their part). Let them show that they love this child by allowing the child to go home and by holding themselves and their money accountable.

But sympathy for trafficking children illicitly is out of order, entirely, however wealthy those involved are or however much we might want to believe that they are "kind and loving". In fact, what we do know of the Monahans and their modus operandi is anything but flattering.

It is just unbelievable how insensitive people are toward the Morales family. They are the heros here. They are the ones who have shown restraint, understanding, and genuine love for the child. And they are the ones the rich continue to trample on to satisfy their selfish need.

Every day a child is kept from the love of its family is an act of cruelty. How many days, weeks, months, years of cruelty are you asking us to have sympathy for?

It is time adoptive parents put the children first, ahead of their own emptiness and wantingness. It is time to stand up for the children and true acts of love for these children.

It is time to stop feeding child trafficking through adoption and to hold those (and their money) accountable. Only then can we have responsible adoption practices that respond to the real needs of children.

(And please stop the slurs and denegarations toward Anyeli's mother, father, brother and sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, family: her "biological family". Is that what you say to your neighbors' children at the end of the day: "It is time to go home to your biological family." Loyda is Anyeli's mother: biologically, legally, morally: in every sense of the word "mother" or "family". One could not imagine a more true mother. Dr. Timothy and Jennifer Monahan are the keepers of a stolen child.)


Hi Lauralyn,

Thanks for taking time to read and comment.

I don't think any of us looking on from the sidelines actually know all the nuances of this case. We may think we do, but we don't.

To have sympathy for everyone caught up in this situation is not the same as sympathy for illegal trafficking. It seems to me that the DNA test must be repeated for the peace of mind of all parties, since the previous DNA match was a match of records in older files. There is too much at stake for this child and both sets of parents not to verify this.

If the child is indeed the one kidnapped from the Morales family, then the two families need to talk and make a plan that is best for the child. Of course she needs to be reunited with her biological family, but there are many ways to make that happen. The adults need to agree to a transition plan that is least traumatic for the child.


The more people who adopted children defend the Monahans, the less believable adoptive parents become as parents. How can people defend those who benefit from the felony crimes of kidnapping and child trafficking?

The Monahans' paid lawyers are in jail, the ones who changed the child's name and birth date and deleted the child's history, and forged her documents so she could be sold to this American couple, a couple who knew the kind of people with whom they were dealing.

Failed fertility treatment and an empty bed room and some need to get a child does not justify keeping a stolen child in your house.

Those who justify child trafficking to satisfy the rich and the twisted do no service for adoption. And even less for adopted children.

The Monahans decision to stay the course (of trying to keep a stolen child) is surely selfish, unethical, and much much worse. They have been walking away from the truth since the beginning of this 'adoption'. And they are the ones who have truly abandoned this child, not to mention the mother and family that loves the child as a child should be loved.

Would you sit in a room and talk to the people who paid for your stolen child about what is best for that child? Is this a way to do what is best for the child? The police and the prosecutors are the ones who should be talking to the Monahans (and their slick DC paid lobbyist and media spin company, Peter Mirijanian Public Affairs).

Showing sympathy for the illegal trafficking of children is anti-adoption and it is anti any healthy love for children.

Chris Carsteiner

According to the human rights organization, they notified the Monahans shortly after the adoption that the baby had been kidnapped, that the birth parents never gave consent, and that Loyda Morales was a confirmed DNA match --- but they still refused to return the child. They also knew months before the adoption that there was no DNA match between the supposed mother consenting to the adoption and the little girl, thus there was fraud in the adoption, but they decided to proceed anyway. It's hard to have much sympathy for them in refusing to return a kidnapped child to her rightful parents.

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