Thanks for stopping by! Whatever Things Are True covers politics, policy, and parenting in international adoption. Too often, the way we talk about international adoption reminds me of that old fable about The Blind Men and the Elephant – we tend to confuse one small part of the animal for the whole beast. Although I’m the mother of three via international adoption, I try to take a child-centered approach to adoption issues. I hope you’ll stick around and share your thoughts, too.

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June 19, 2012


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At least those poor kids were spared female circumcision. That alone is enough to make me feel the good of IA outweighs the bad.

Five miles from our home a 14 year old Guatemalan adoptee stabbed his mother to death after she refused to take him to a skating party.



Thank you for taking time to read and comment and share some of your story. I'm sorry it has been such a difficult journey.


While your thoughts are well meant I must comment, as the parent of a disrupted adoption that unless you have lived our lives you have no right to judge. My daughter almost killed me and tried to kill other family members on other occasions. That is only the tip of a very large iceberg. Giving her up was the worst day of my life and the depression I suffered as a result led to a suicide attempt. My daughter has RAD and we gave her up when she was ten. I have recently contacted her online and she replied immediately with a long list of things she required for the new apt she was moving into with a man she had just met. This list contained the details of where I could buy these things and their cost. She asked when I would be buying them and gave me an address for delivery. I fear for her and love her but I did not make a mistake.

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