Thanks for stopping by! Whatever Things Are True covers politics, policy, and parenting in international adoption. Too often, the way we talk about international adoption reminds me of that old fable about The Blind Men and the Elephant – we tend to confuse one small part of the animal for the whole beast. Although I’m the mother of three via international adoption, I try to take a child-centered approach to adoption issues. I hope you’ll stick around and share your thoughts, too.

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November 29, 2012


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First I have heard of this, its a wonderful idea. So many people seek a permanent solution to a temporary problem. This not only saves the babies life, it makes it possible for the mother to perhaps salvage the relationship with a change of heart.

Once the baby is abandoned, and dead, so is the mothers heart if she regrets her decision to abandon the child to its death. This way, the mom knows the child is ok, and in some cases can be relinked with the child later.

This could help with the high suicide rates with moms that aborted their children.

Early Childhood Education Mumbai

When any company, govt, or other body starts to value philosophy above truth, I fear for its efficiency.

Blog BrandonHarris

Hello there! Do you own any blogging or it is just a completely natural talent? Thanks a bunch in advance for your reply.

Nursery Curriculum

Hey I totally support and I too believe that if the baby could speak it would rather be in his mother's arms than in some baby box as you call it.


Wow. I had no idea, and this seems to run at cross-purposes to UNCRC's mission to protect children. When any organization, government, or other body begins to value ideology above reality, I worry for its effectiveness. Ideology is usually meaningless in the face of profound desperation due to abuse, addiction, and/or poverty.

To whom should I address my letters of concern? If you'll point me in the right direction, I'll fire off a few.

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